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About John and the Learning Community

Hello! I'm John Kinyon. My work is about furthering empathic community and human connection around the world through mindfulness in conversation, and contributing to us humans living in healthy and sustainable ways on our planet. I am co-creator of the Mediate Your Life training program, which began in 2002, and have been a trainer of the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 2000. 

This online learning community is where you can engage with me and others in my community practice offerings and connect with people interested in the intersection of consciousness, empathy and compassion, and language and communication, as well as the well being of life on our planet, can meet, practice, support, and create together.

When you join the community you get access to a 4-week self-guided course in Mindfulness in Conversation (includes daily practices, weekly videos, audio guided meditations, handouts). Also included are weekly 30 minute Group Practice & Connection Meetings to connect with me and others in the community around topics and themes from the 4-Week Course, as well as share, ask questions, and make requests about other topics. I encourage community members to reach out directly to each other to share experiences and connect live for practice and support, and it is completely up to each person how they choose to participate and engage.   

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Why join?

This work with empathic connection, mindfulness and conversation supports personal, interpersonal, and professional health and well being; and it is also about contributing to societal, global cooperation and the well being of life on our planet. You will learn practical skills and abilities that will enhance all aspects of your life. You will form deep connections with people who will become part of your empathic community of learning, support, and belonging. And you will be part of humanity's global effort to create the world we envision is possible.

Thank you!

Thank you for being part of the collective movement towards a new way of being with each other and creating together a healthy, sustainable, and caring way of living on planet Earth.

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